The Remarried Empress Volume 2 Has Love, Affairs, Drama, and Comedy

The Remarried Empress Volume 2 cover of Navier leaning out a window with her hand extended for a bird, Queen.

The Remarried Empress Volume 2 is an entertaining, spicy drama with comedic moments, a fascinating protagonist, and world. Empress Navier taps into that feeling of kinship that resonates with readers with similar experiences despite her regal setting and rank. There’s also Rashta, who is more and more dislikeable. Yet given the dynamics, it’s understandable when all one knows is survival. This is a breezy fast read thanks to its entertaining characters and story.

With art by Sumpul, adapted by HereLee with an original story by Alphatart, The Remarried Empress Volume 2 has stunning full-color illustrations to immerse yourself in. With Webtoon’s translation and Chiho Christie’s lettering, this Yen Press manhwa makes you feel bad for the empress as she navigates her stressful circumstances with grace and poise. Her husband, the emperor, has a mistress, Rashta, that lives in their palace. Yet somehow, he appears frustrated at every turn by Navier’s calm demeanor. Navier’s highlights are the bird named Queen, which visits her, and Prince Heinrey, who adores her. 

The Remarried Empress Volume 2 Is a Fascinating World With Secret Abilities

It’s not clear if it’s a secret entirely. But what is apparent is that Navier does not realize Queen and Heinrey are the same. Like Clark Kent and Superman, they are never in the same place at the same time. It also creates some comedic and embarrassing moments for Heinrey. After all, feeding a bird or a person is different, so is how you touch a bird or human. This world feels like magic lies on the fringes and isn’t the focus. Yet that’s why it is fascinating. The characters are the main drive.

A Love Quadrangle

The Remarried Empress Volume 2 cover of Navier leaning out a window with her hand extended for a bird, Queen.
The Remarried Empress Volume 2 cover

Navier and Heinrey are adorable. Although I do not know if they will wind up together. Heinrey cares for Navier more than her husband, Sovieshu, the emperor. The Remarried Empress Volume 2 has me rooting for their affair. Sovieshu does not deserve Navier. He behaves in typical guy fashion. Everyone knows Rashta is his mistress. Yet he cautions Navier about doing the same. He exhibits jealousy when she even broaches the subject of an affair. It’s unfathomable how he claims to care about Rashta. Sovieshu treats her and the empress as toys for his amusement. Now Rashta is riveting to learn about as well. The jealousy’s only going to ramp up from here.

On the one hand, her fake gentle, and sweet nature irks you. Yet, she was once enslaved. Now she has money and care, thanks to Sovieshu’s attention. But she’s also cutthroat and manipulative because she does not want to lose her position. Truthfully, she and Sovieshu are a perfect pair in that regard. However, her upbringing and life of struggle make her character understandable. There’s also the mystery child that no one knows about. It will be interesting to see how the dynamics change once that secret comes out. The series highlights the limitations women experience.

Excited For Future Volumes

The Remarried Empress Volume 2 keeps you reading with multi-faceted characters. full-color illustrations and exciting world of royalty and gossip. This manhwa is a page-turner. It’s akin to the absorption you feel watching a reality show full of drama. You have folks you root for and others you pray fall. But will this wind up like a train wreck you cannot look away from or a more spicy, gaspy drama? Either way, I loved this volume and eagerly await the next. 

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