Hollow Regalia Volume 1 Combines Powerful Monsters With Drama

Hollow Regalia Volume 1 cover of Iroha holding out her hand with Yahiro behind her holding his katana as fiery marks spread along his arm.

Hollow Regalia Volume 1: Corpse Reviver crafts an engrossing story that feels plausible if monsters existed. Yahiro is one of the sole survivors of the eradication of Japanese people, termed J-nocide. The monsters inhabit what’s left of Japan, and Yahiro works as a salvager, entering what once was Japan to retrieve items. But there’s more to what destroyed Japan, Yahiro, and his newest job as a guide through the 23 Wards. Thanks to the mysterious tale of dragons, maidens, and heroes in modern Japan and the action, Hollow Regalia Volume 1 is a thrilling read. 

Written by Gakuto Mikumo with illustrations by Miyuu and translation by Sergio Avila Ramirez, the story starts in the past, precisely four years ago. The Yen Press light novel begins with Yahiro searching for his sister, Sui, amidst destruction and death. After which, readers glimpse what life is like for a Japanese person, post J-nocide, when the monsters, known as Moujuu, massacred Japanese people. At the same time, governments rapidly went from delivering aid to abetting the beasts. 

Hollow Regalia Volume 1 Is a Hard-Knock Life

Yahiro’s job isn’t safe, nor does his boss compensate him fairly. After all, there’s no need to since Yahiro has limited options. No one hires Japanese people. They are more likely to kill him. Yet as the story unfolds, it’s clear there’s something more to Yahiro. When battling Moujuu in the 23 Wards, he can kill them using his blood. Whatever occurred four years ago with the dragon’s arrival, his sister and himself left Yahiro with an immortal body. 

Descriptive Details Rooted in Fables

Hollow Regalia Volume 1 cover of Iroha holding out her hand with Yahiro behind her holding his katana as fiery marks spread along his arm.
Hollow Regalia Volume 1 cover

Fictional tales that blend history or classic stories for modern times are like the best of both worlds. Hearing phrases and descriptions that I recall from Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood adds an endearing weight to the series. Hollow Regalia Volume 1 also includes character synopsis, definitions of words like “regalia” as it pertains to the series, and a map to understand the trajectory of the operation to retrieve the Kushinada. It helps immerse you in the story and visualize their journey. 

Dragons, Maidens, and Backstory

Since there are eight dragons, it stands to reason there must be eight regalia and dragons. It’s unclear if the dragons are people or exist beside maidens. It’s clear there’s a relationship brewing, given Yahiro’s attachment to Iroha, but the setup makes their pairing sweet. Sui is another mystery. From what little the first volume divulges, it seems she is not biologically Yahiro’s sister. But it’s also unclear what made Sui hate the world so much. Plus, Yahiro’s determination to kill her raises questions about what happened to get to that point. Even Iroha wonders about that. 

Hollow Regalia Volume 1 raises plenty of questions but also delivers plenty of action and kaiju-level battles with the Moujuu, plus many people injecting themselves with drugs to transform into monsters. Though some explanations are confusing, there’s enough seat-gripping tension to keep you reading. The further you get, the more you cannot put the book down until you finish reading. Some comedy with plenty of action and hints of romance make Hollow Regalia Volume 1 a must-have for any fan of post-apocalyptic mayhem. 

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