Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Volume 6 Review [Light Novel]

Bofuri Volume 6 light novel cover of Iz with Maple in the background

Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Volume 6 gives more Maple, dazzling and terrifying her friends and exhausting the administrators of New World Online. A new stratum opens, and the next event looms. The light novel from Yen Press, written by Yuumikan with illustrations by Koin and translation by Andrew Cunningham, delves further into Maple’s gameplay in New World Online. Maple explores the sixth stratum, searching for items to boost her defense. Filled with gear drops, entertaining glitches, and Maple front and center, Bofuri Volume 6 continues the delightful journey of the OP damage-averse tank. 

Bofuri & New World Online Are All About Maple

With a prologue plus eleven chapters, Bofuri Volume 6 begins with Maple returning to fight King of Light, after stocking up on some supplies. Though not a fan of sustaining damage, Maple is drop-hungry like most players. Gear is always a priority to raise stats and look good. Determination is Maple’s standout character trait; and kindness. After failing to defeat him again, Maple recruits help from Mai and Yui. Once they defeat the boss, Maple gains a new skill; Heaven’s Throne.  

A Ghostly New Level

When the sixth stratum opens up, readers learn about Sally’s deep fear of the paranormal. In this level, disembodied hands and ghostly apparitions are everywhere. So Sally struggles with the sixth level. Though I never encountered a game so terrifying I could not play an entire section, I have required breaks to prepare myself mentally. So Sally has my sympathies. The interactions between Maple and Sally stand out. Because they are good friends in real life and Sally’s freakouts with every terrifying encounter. Thank goodness Maple was with her.

Bofuri Volume 6 light novel cover of Iz with Maple in the background
Bofure: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Volume 6 cover art

As Maple navigates the sixth stratum hoping to find gear for Sally since Sally bowed out of the whole level, she encounters enemy after enemy. Most gamers will avoid conflicts or traps, especially if their opponent is around the same level. But Maple’s vitality and abilities are so overpowered she bulldozes through. After all, nothing regular zone or mob is equipped to take her down. Rather than fearing harm or death, these are nothing more than minor inconveniences or annoyances. I want to have that issue.

Maple Is A Gamer You Need On Your Side

Maple’s thoughts are unorthodox, and though she will miss the obvious solution, her ability to think outside the box is why the New World Online’s admins are always anxious. Testing Heaven’s Throne, Maple realizes she can pop the throne out during battles to stop kickbacks in combat and while in flight on her Syrup, her turtle.

As always, part of what adds to the comedy of Bofuri is the contrast between Maple and everyone else. Because of Maple’s specs, players see her as nigh untouchable and on par with a boss opponent in New World Online. The undue stress and worry Maple unknowingly inflicts in the game is hilarious. They cannot even anticipate the danger from the skills and gear Maple acquires because they do not think like her. Feels like a “who’s that girl” game, but players are still trying to figure her out.

Whether helping her fellow guild members, pairing with Sally, or fighting solo, Maple is a quirky character. She delivers confusion, stress, and comedy with every encounter. Though there are plenty of light novels in the world of MMORPG, Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense Volume 6 remains unique in the genre. The number of times the admins have to make changes because of Maple makes you look at patch notes with a new curiosity. Perhaps there are more Maples in the MMORPG world than one thinks.

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