Boy Kills World Is A Powerful & Bloody Romp

Bill Skarasgard in Boy Kills World.

Boy Kills World is a spellbinding and visceral action film, complete with insane fight sequences, raucous one-liners, and never-ending sea of foes.

Plot/Story in Boy Kills World

In Boy Kills World, after losing his family to a totalitarian regime, an anonymous young man named Boy (Bill Skarsgård) trains his body for two goals. The first, is to launch a one-man war against the regime. The second goal, is to kill the head of the regime, Hilda Van Der Koy (Famke Janssen) and her entire family (Shartlo Copley, Michelle Dockery, Brett Gelman).

Boy Kills World is A Bloody, Action-Filled Ride

Yayhan Ruhian holding a stick and smiling in Boy Kills World.
Yayhan Ruhian in Boy Kills World. Courtesy of Roadside Attractions.

With Boy Kills World, director Moritz Mohr and company craft a fun, intense, and hilarious bloody romp. One filled with gnarly action sequences from beginning to end. That is courtesy of Dawid Swataraski, the action and fight designer. Swataraski also takes influences from multiple different action films such as The Raid. All while crafting impressive sequences using different types of martial arts such as Muay Thai.

Which in turn, makes Peter Matjascko’s cinematography bathed in blues and reds. So, it becomes colorful and dynamic. However, using drone technology from drone operator Paul Kahn, the camera dazzles by flying through the action. This allows for a three-dimensional view of everything. Specifically, all the gore, gunshots, and explosions get this view.

Mixed in with editing by Lucien Bernard, the film’s pace flows very well. Furthermore, the score by Ludwig Fossell, matches with a video game aesthetic. It’s an aesthetic that is present throughout the film. Those influences also extend into Mike Berg’s production design. As well as the costumes by costume designer Danielle Knox. Both of them contain a simplicity. In turn, this allows for everyone to be identifiable. Though this leads to the script by Tyler Burton Smith and Armed Remmers, to be thin on plot. Thus, the script being a catalyst for all of the acton. However, there is a level of dark humor that presides over the film.

Performances in Boy Kills World

Famke Janssen holding a gun in Boy Kills World.
Famke Janssen in Boy Kills World. Courtesy of Roadside Attractions.

As for the performances, Bill Skarsgård leads the cast as the titular “Boy.” Mostly without dialogue throughout the film, Skarsgård delivers a quiet, but entertaining performance. Skarsgård also manages to transform into an action hero, pulling off most of the insane action sequences with ease. Finally, Skarsgård also provides decent chemistry with Quinn Copeland’s Mina, a little girl that becomes a figment of his imagination. Which is assisted by H. Jon Benjamin, who voices Boy’s inner thoughts. Thus, allowing for several comedic moments courtesy of Benjamin.

The rest of the cast delivers solid performances. Shartlo Copley, Brett Gelman, and Michelle Dockery are entertaining yet despicable as members of the Van Der Koy family. Additionally, Jessica Rothe – in a departure from her role as Tree in the Happy Death Day films – is veracious as June27, a bodyguard of the Van Der Koys. Meanwhile, Andrew Koji and Isaiah Mustafa have great chemistry as Boy’s allies Basho and Bennie. Equally, Yayhan Ruhian is intense as Boy’s mentor Shaman. And finally, despite having a limited amount of screentime, Famke Janssen is magnetic as the main antagonist Hilda Van Der Koy.


Bill Skarasgard fighting someone in Boy Kills World.
Bill Skarasgard in Boy Kills World.

Overall, Boy Kills World is a powerful and impressive romp. One that is filled with gnarly action sequences, courtesy of Mohr and company. Which by doing so creates an entertaining film. This is supported by a solid cast led by Skarsgård. Who successfully manages to turn into an action hero. All in all, Boy Kills World is a bloody good time at the movies.

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