Date A Live Volume 2 image of Puppet Yoshino in bunny-eared hood and a bunny puppet on her left hand.

Date A Live Volume 2: Puppet Yoshino Review [Light Novel]

Date A Live Volume 2: Puppet Yoshino continues the story of Shido Itsuka and Spirits in this light novel harem story. The story is by Koushi Tachibana, Tsunako illustrates it, and the translation is by Jocelyne Allen. Spatial quakes that can kill millions plague the world. In the first volume, Shido learns Spirits, girls who appear from somewhere else, cause those quakes. So, AST (Anti-Spirit Team), a military unit, hunts the Spirits to kill them before to prevent these catastrophes. With the help of Shido’s adopted sister, Kotori, Shido must stop the Spirits by sealing their power with a kiss.