Cuckoos Three Is a Wondrous Tale of Love and Acceptance

Cuckoos Three cover of Murry kissing Jacob with his arms wrapped around him.

Cuckoos Three is sweet and heartfelt, with a BL story of love, strength, and acceptance. LGBTQ+ stories run the gamut, like any other. Seeing more stories that step out of the center and explore different relationships is refreshing. This might be my favorite BL story of 2023! Cuckoos Three is informative, inclusive, and honeyed fun with young love amidst challenges. 

Written by Cassandra Jean and Mosskat with art by Cassandra Jean, the Yen Press comic has full-color illustrations breathing life into the seven chapters. The artwork reminds me of Big Ethel Energy, another comic I adore, thanks to its story and artwork. Cuckoos Three takes place in a small town where a high school football player, Murry Summerfield, lives, enjoying the peaceful countryside and various animals. When Jacob Durris moves to town with his parents from the city, they quickly become close. 

Cuckoos Three Takes Puppy Love and Makes It Last

Murry and Jacob’s relationship blossoms fast, yet it’s a gradual, warm pace. As neighbors, they become fast friends and spend considerable time with each other. Murry’s personality, Jacob sweetly compares to a puppy, and it’s understandable, given Murry’s boundless joy and energy. It’s disarming for Jacob and readers that someone is that caring, let alone a football player. So, shipping them is the logical next step. They both can be themselves and share their joys and fears. They also bring out the best in each other. 

It’s Not All About Jacob’s D.I.D

Jacob’s D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder) does play a part in their relationship, but it’s not solely what makes up Jacob. The story shows Jacob’s artistic talent prominently throughout Cuckoos Three. His artistry brings Murry’s admiration and respect. Murry’s gentle nature makes Jacob feel comfortable enough to explain unexplained situations. 

Cuckoos Three cover of Murry kissing Jacob with his arms wrapped around him.
Cuckoos Three cover. Yen Press.

I don’t know how accurate Jacob’s behavior or actions are in relation to D.I.D. But I appreciate the author’s attempt to break down information about it and highlight the harm movies and shows depicting D.I.D cause. Plus, there’s an inclusion of details about D.I.D for readers. 

Love That Ignores Adversity

While Jacob is gay, Murry never states his sexual preference. He loves Jacob because it’s Jacob, and as Murry says, their relationship is no one else’s business. Besides how sweet their relationship is, it’s a diverse tale of love, nurturing, and acceptance. Murry’s doesn’t pander to his “friends.” Nor does Murry fall to them pressuring him because of his choice of a romantic partner. Too many stories show ignorance as a rite of passage. But in Cuckoos Three, Murry and Jacob’s growth doesn’t come from a prejudicial place but from love. 

Cuckoos Three is a diverse love story that builds up their relationship and shows two characters hiding a part of themselves from others. You cheer for them. The full-color illustrations bring this tale to stunning, breathtaking life; it’s a warm story to revisit to rejuvenate the spirit. Cuckoos Three shows a love worth fighting for that leaves readers cheering them on from the beginning to the end.

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