What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 Takes Time But Love Is on the Horizon

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 cover of Youngjun wearing business attire and adjusting his tie.

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 shifts back slightly from the possible romance between Miso and her soon-to-be ex-boss, Youngjun. New characters pop in; past trauma comes to the forefront as their connection might go further back than either realizes. The beginning drags again because the chemistry does not shine through, save for when they clash or she shoots him down. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 does find its stride while delving into some backstory amidst some laughs, but some of the comedy does not land. 

With an original story by Gyeong Yun Jeong, art by MyeongMi Kim, translation by Kakao Entertainment, and lettering by Chana Conley, it starts with Youngjun’s date for “Operation: Keep Miso With Him.” His feelings for Miso remain a mystery. The Yen Press manhwa starts with their date at Yuil Land. Miso soon realizes that Youngjun used the survey she filled out to give her the perfect date. But, like the reader, she does not know his intentions. There’s also a blind date, company competition, and a brother bringing laughs and questions. 

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 Hints at a Dark Past

Despite the lightheartedness of the story, the volume hints at heavier subject matter. Miso’s need to find the little boy she met as a kid haunts her and shadows her life. There isn’t enough detail to understand her fascination. Now, she realizes that Youngjun might be that kid from her past. On top of that, Miso learns that Youngjun disappeared as a child. That, along with his fear of zip ties, implies something traumatic. 

There’s also tension between Youngjun and his brother. There’s resentment for something from their childhood that Youngjun cannot remember. Whatever it is, the family does not speak on it. It’s akin to “him that must not be named.” What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 shows a human side to the oft-cool, smug Youngjun. 

Continued Pacing Issues, But Miso Shines in the Story

What's Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 cover of Youngjun wearing business attire and adjusting his tie.
What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

So far, each volume nails the end but drags at the outset. Some of the dialogue between characters feels flat. But the comedic moments, especially Miso’s response or irritation, work. While Youngjun’s feelings are unclear, his heart did skip a beat on their date. Emotions like joy, fear, and sorrow—any vulnerability—he plays close to his chest. His feelings only show when the fear, however irrational, overrides his chill exterior. 

Miso’s comparison between Youngjun and other men, including her blind date, shows he got under her skin. So there are hints of reverse harem potential in What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2. Youngjun’s possible connection to Miso’s past and search for the boy she knew might motivate her to continue working with him. But the initial drag needs to cease. 

What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 has entertaining potential and K-drama appeal in written form. But there needs to be more depth to the characters’ comedic moments. Mysteries into the two leads’ possibly joint past adds a layer of appeal and keeps readers curious about how the story might unfold. Glimpses of Youngjun’s vulnerability add to the context of the story. While slow-going, What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim Volume 2 continues laying the groundwork for future volumes with moments of comedy and romance. 

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