The Boxer Volume 3 Breezes Through And Teases Epic Matches

The Boxer Volume 3 cover of half of Jean's face.

The Boxer Volume 3 keeps building the action with a slow-paced character story in the world of pro-boxing. Each boxer has a distinct personality and appearance. To say each volume is a page-turner is an understatement. Even moments of frustrating lull, like a commercial break on a key part of a beloved show, keep the story fascinating. As Yu moves through the matches—burns through them more like—the gradual build of his past works. With dynamic characters and action, The Boxer Volume 3 builds tension and potential while including fascinating boxing details. 

Created by JH, translated by Webtoon, and lettered by Adnazeer Macalangcom, this volume covers episodes 21 to 29. The Yen Press manhwa opens with a struggling boxer eating with his young son. While internally strategizing what bills to pay and the potential for a bonus, he makes a point about the unpredictability of boxing. Then, the full-color illustrations move to the red-haired, feral, unorthodox boxer Qasim in “The Amused (1).” Thus begins the next pair of matches on the horizon for Yu.

The Boxer Volume 3 Shows Two Drastically Different Boxers

Qasim’s a boxer who looks down on the profession, or at least the traditional boxing style. His unique style resists counters, let alone mimicry, given that his physical strength allows him to use normally weaker moves. Chapter titles add a layer of hilarity as the first few move from Qasim and Yu’s impending match to the match itself. It highlights that talent matters, but so does proper training. 

The other boxer, Jean Pierre Manuel, is the opposite of Qasim. He strives for perfection and understanding every fiber of his body. Once he sees Yu, Jean realizes he needs to train harder—including meditation— to win. On the other hand, Qasim barely prepares. He just pummels his training partners. Jean takes it to the extreme, excluding everything else. For those who do not know boxer terminology, a helpful glossary breaks down words and phrases like “southpaw,” weight classes, etc. 

Establishes Excitement for Future Bouts

The Boxer Volume 3 cover of half of Jean's face.
The Boxer Volume 3 cover. Courtesy of Yen Press.

With the artwork, the volume shows the top boxers Yu will face down the line in a mysterious and deadly way. Akin to anime shows like BleachThe Boxer Volume 3 gives these opponents a legendary introduction. They do not even look like people but different beings who surpass humans. Since the goal is to have Yu move through the various weight classes, he will face each in time. This introduction builds anticipation for when and whether Yu will triumph. 

The Boxer eases Yu’s backstory and character at a snail’s pace as that’s who the readers journey alongside. Meanwhile, the volumes show the mentality of Yu’s opponents and their view of boxing. It demonstrates these opponents are a flash in the pan on Yu’s trek. But the little shown is tragic. Yu’s past remains an overall enigma, but it’s clear it was a lonely, cold one, given he was alone with just a cat. It mirrors his life now because he keeps to himself, aside from training, with just his black cat. JH’s The Boxer Volume 3 is a page-turner with action, stylish characters, and a gradual look at Yu’s past. 

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