Heretic Trailer Tests Missionaries Faith In An Eerie Survival Horror

Heretic still of Sophie Thatcher and Chloe East standing outside in the rain.

Heretic, from A24, looks to drop people in the labyrinth from hell. Like much of A24’s horror, the film leans into a muted, almost austere, color palette. It follows two young missionaries, played by Sophie Thatcher (YellowjacketsThe Boogeyman) and Chloe East (The FabelmansGeneration), who visit a secluded home to spread the word of god. Mr. Reed, played by Hugh Grant (Love ActuallyDungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves), answers the door, inviting them in. But they soon find themselves in a psychological cat-and-mouse game that tests their faith and ability to survive. 

Scott Beck and Bryan Woods, who wrote A Quiet Place and Haunt, teamed up to write and direct Heretic. The trailer screams “stranger danger” with a religious edge. So, it makes you wonder if Mr. Reed specifically toys with religious people or uses whatever he can to pick the person apart. The trailer looks chilling, and though Bowie’s “you remind me of the babe” creeps in from 1986’s Labyrinth, there are few similarities, aside from the maze-like interior of Mr. Reed’s home. 

Heretic trailer from A24 via Youtube.

Perceptions of morality and preconceived notions play a role in the trailer as Mr. Reed invites them in, and they explain they cannot enter unless there’s a woman present. But as we all know, a woman in the home does not equal safety or security. They assume he has a wife inside because he said she’s baking, and they can smell the blueberry pie. Heretic looks creepy, with something else lurking inside. Whether it’s their spiraled sanity or something tangible is unclear. But the trailer is eerie, thanks to its setting. And with its snowy backdrop, it’ll come right on time for the holiday season. 

What do you think of the trailer?

Heretic releases in theaters on November 15.

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