I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3 Builds The Magic World But Lacks Character

I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3 cover of Yuuya fighting wit assassin Luna and classmate Kaori behind him.

I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3, or its lengthier title, I Got a Cheat Skill in Another World and Became Unrivaled in the Real World, Too Volume 3 continues the fictional and fun journey of Yuuya straddling both worlds. It might be the typical cool guy who doesn’t realize they’re popular, but the twist keeps it understandable. With new characters, intrigue, and drop items that any person would love, I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3 keeps that “wish it were me” energy. 

Written by Miku, illustrated by Rein Kuwashima, and translated by Carley Radford, this volume immediately starts after Yuuya brings Luna and Lexia back to his cabin. The Yen Press light novel blends action, harem, and game genres, keeping the story entertaining. Plus, this volume introduces political intrigue as the big event, Yuuya’s visit to the capital to meet the king, Lexia’s father, looms. Some drag occurs in I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3 as the magical world holds more interest. 

I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3 Makes Yuuya OP

Yuuya’s power continues growing in this series. Surprisingly, his classmates’ reactions are so tame. However, wondering how much stronger Yuuya can get holds readers’ interest. His magic is improving; he has all those mighty weapons and is fast. Yet the series shows he still has things to learn. There are monsters out there that can still present a challenge. Yuuya continues racking up abilities and encountering people or animals to fight or save. 

The Other World Opens Up More

In the Weald, Yuuya encounters new monsters and even gets another pet, an adorable pig he names Akatsuki. Later, Yuuya meets a rabbit, the “deity of kicks,” who chooses to make Yuuya his apprentice. But exploring the magical world continues. Because Yuuya still needs to head to the castle. So, readers get to see more similarities to MMORPGs with guilds and currency. The daily necessity drops are among the most exciting aspects. Yes, exciting, because who wouldn’t want these daily gems?

First, there was the portable bath that could change to things like a jacuzzi; now, there’s bedding that guarantees a blissful rest. I Got a Cheat Skill remains a fun, light novel with impressive, gradual world-building, but I’d return to it to hear more about these items alone. But the series keeps moving, with Yuuya finally visiting the castle, and all hell breaks loose. So, the action does not slow when Yuuya’s in the other world. 

The School Parts Are Starting to Dull

First, the comedy of a girl grabbing another girl’s breasts without consent is annoying and cringe. I know it’s a typical schtick in these stories, but it needs to retire. But the bigger issue is the lack of character development for Yuuya’s friends. The first two volumes started strong, and each character felt distinct from the others as introductions go. But there’s been no development since then. Readers know more about Lexia and perhaps even Luna than Yuuya’s classmates. This must change to keep that side of Yuuya’s life interesting. 

While I Got a Cheat Skill Volume 3 doesn’t hit it out of the park entirely, there’s still plenty to enjoy. Gaming, rabbit deity, heaven-sent bedding, brooms that collect and hold all dirt, fights, and assassination attempts all come into play. Yuuya might no longer be an underdog in the story, but he’s still a kind character, if a bit flat. If only life were as easy as Yuuya’s. Until then, readers can live vicariously through I Got A Cheat Skill Volume 3.

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