A Business Proposal Volume 2 Ups The Laughs and Secrets

A Business Proposal Volume 2 cover of Taemu in a tuxedo with his arms wrapped around Hari who is in a blue gown with her hand on his shoulder.

A Business Proposal Volume 2 keeps the hilarious romantic comedy moving at a brisk, can’t-catch-your-breath pace. It’s a storm of bad luck for Hari Shin as she goes from a fake identity to a new one to hide who she is from CEO Taemu Kang. But good fortune is not on her side. Nor is her friend, Yeongsuh, consumed with her love-at-first-sight crush, Taemu’s assistant, Sunghoon. With side-splitting illustrations and Hari’s inner monologue, A Business Proposal Volume 2 ensures the laughter never ceases.

With art by Narak, adaptation by Perilla, and an original story by Haehwa, the second volume picks up where the first left off. Taemu confronts Hari for pretending to be her friend Yeongsuh but now wants her to continue the deception. Translated by Tapas Entertainment, Inc. and lettered by Abigail Blackman, the Yen Press comic sees Hari go from the frying pan into the fire. This volume has thirteen chapters, and the full-color illustrations add to the comedy, making it impossible to put down. 

A Business Proposal Volume 2 Ups The Comedy

After agreeing to Taemu’s demands, he asks for her real name. Of course, she cannot give him that because then he’ll learn she works at his company. So, she gives him the name Shin Kim, a character from a K-drama. But after their meeting, her inner monologue goes into religious territory with a hysterical twist. Hari’s inward and outward reactions are the height of comedy, whether it’s her internal monologue about the domino effects of lying or her fiery outburst at Yeongsuh’s abandonment. Sweet heroines are fine. But ones that display a range of emotions and have no problem looking less than angelic are dynamic. 

A Business Proposal Volume 2 cover of Taemu in a tuxedo with his arms wrapped around Hari who is in a blue gown with her hand on his shoulder.
A Business Proposal Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

While Hari’s a series highlight, Taemu, Yeongsuh, and Sunghoon are no slouches in the laughter department. They all increase hilarity, making it easy to cheer for and laugh with them. Comedy aside, the drama speeds up as Sunghoon and Taemu discover Hari’s secret. Of course, Taemu sees this lie as a betrayal, especially given he is already falling for Hari. The mix of charming Taemu changing to icicle Taemu when Hari isn’t looking builds the “uh-oh” momentum. 

Payback Is Men Who Feel Slighted

It’s unclear what Taemu’s revenge entails. But it’s definitely in the cards. After all, he’s upset with Hari, Yeongush, and Sunghoon, who also kept Hari’s identity secret. The issue is the pettiness of Taemu’s anger that doesn’t reflect well on his character. She lied to help a friend and did not know her fake date was the CEO of her company. Anyone would keep lying to protect their job. Additionally, she’s done everything to avoid him, but he is the one who seeks her out. Hopefully, A Business Proposal does not become a story where readers shake their heads in shock because the woman forgives an awful man. 

A Business Proposal Volume 2 maintains the pace from the first volume, filling it with hilarious surprise after surprise. With two potential parings, readers have faves to pick from and more laughter and drama to enjoy. It’s like the equivalent of the glass slipper fairytale, but with a loud, comical heroine with a temper at times. For a marvelous light-hearted tale of love with laughs, A Business Proposal Volume 2 is top-tier. 

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