Live Always Smile -Lander- Brings Lisa’s Insanely Exciting Concert Here

Live Always Smile -Lander-, a concert movie brings Japan’s pop artist Lisa to theaters. Fans can follow the artist at her last concert on her tour, as Crunchyroll acquired North American rights. Now, you may not think you know her. But if you’re an anime fan, especially some of the most popular titles, you’ve heard her songs. Sword Art Online had one of the best openings, quintessential anime pop with “Crossing Field.” Guess who it was sung by? Lisa not only delivered that track. She sang for My Hero Academia (“Datte Atashino Hero”), and the pop-rock track “Gurenge” blazed the beginning of Kimetsu No Yaiba, also known as Demon Slayer and more. 

Her songs are wildly popular. I’m still trying to learn all the lyrics for “Crossing Field,” yes, it’s on my playlist. Her opener for Demon Slayer got her the number one spot on Spotify for “Most Played Japanese Overseas for 2020” and “Most Played Japanese Songs Overseas for 2020.” Live Always Smile -Lander- will feature Lisa’s sixth album. So, this includes the gut-wrenching track “Homura” from Demon Slayer no Yaiba – The Movie: Mugen Train (RIP Rengoku!). It’s a sold-out concert at the Tokyo Garden Theater. So, fans worldwide who could not attend can now immerse themselves in her powerful, moving vocals with the movie when it drops.

The trailer for Live Always Smile -Lander- looks exciting and energetic as the fans shout and flash their glow sticks in unison. For anime fans, this looks to be an epic ride through your favorite songs.

Live Always Smile -Lander- trailer from Crunchyroll via Youtube.

What do you think of the trailer?

Live Always Smile -Lander- releases in theaters on August 15

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