Smile 2 Teases New Victim For the Entity

Smile 2 still of Skye Riley, played by Naomi Scott, scared.

Smile 2 is on the way, just in time for Halloween. Paramount Pictures released a teaser trailer and poster for the upcoming sequel to the popular first film, Smile. But Smile 2 brings its terror to the glamorous and grueling music industry and follows a pop star, Skye Riley, played by Naomi Scott (AladdinPower Rangers), as she embarks on a world tour. Unfortunately, after witnessing someone smiling as they take their own life, creepy events arise. The signature chilling grin returns as Skye fights against time to confront her traumatic past to survive. 

Parker Finn returns to write and direct Smile 2, and Kyle Gallner (Dinner in AmericaThe Passenger) returns as Joel, the officer, and ex-boyfriend of the victim in the first movie; Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon, 13 Reasons WhyMare of Easttown). Still, given the deadline for the creature to claim a life, it raises questions of how long the events in Smile 2 are from the first movie. Either Gallner’s character is on his way out in the sequel, he cracked the code to stay alive, or he’s an obit in this next installment. 

Smile 2 trailer from Paramount Pictures via Youtube.

Additionally, the trailer shows an increase in gore, as Skye—who looks like Lady Gaga from hairstyle to costumes—witnesses death by a heavy weight, and no, not a boxer. From there, blood abounds on faces, clothing, and roads. Although, one of the creepiest moments in the Smile 2 trailer is the eerie Pippi Longstocking girl at the end. What many appreciated about the first film was the exploration of unaddressed trauma. Plus, it demonstrated how people write off others who struggle with mental health. 

What do you think of the trailer? Did you enjoy the first film?

Smile 2 releases in theaters on October 18th

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