The Summer Hikaru Died 3 Adds Perspective to Life

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 cover of Asako smiling.

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 feels as discomforting as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but avoids a clear path for readers. 

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 raises a larger question about existence and the difference between life and death while pushing the riveting story of “Hikaru” forward. While Hikaru died, the “Hikaru” that came down from the mountain retained some of the feelings and connections; this “Hikaru” does not understand the value of life. Aside from Yoshiki and the new Hikaru’s friendship, a group of people are closing in. The Summer Hikaru Died 3 maintains mystery and an unknown destination with every volume. 

The Summer Hikaru Died 3created by Mokumokuren, translated by Ajani Oloye, and lettered by Abigail Blackman, teases a significant threat to the town. This Yen Press manga kicks off with the townsfolk’s encounter with a young man who, at a physical cost, uses his skills to locate the mysterious entity that descended from the mountains into the town. Or, at least, he’s begun the process. The unease surrounding Hikaru is felt not only by Yoshiki but also by others. If it is indeed Hikaru, they are searching for.

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 Is Horror Mixed With Philosophy

The series moves between dread and wondering if and when Hikaru will kill Yoshiki. Although Hikaru cares about Yoshiki, he sees no difference between life and death. Yet, he does not want Yoshiki to die. However, that sentiment does not extend to anyone else. That is evident when Hikaru admits he killed the old woman. For Hikaru, the soul remains but only changes shape, so it does not matter. Still, why did the entity seize Hikaru’s body if that is the case? The Summer Hikaru Died 3 feels as discomforting as Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni but avoids a clear path for readers. 

It Finally Begins Fleshing Out Other Characters

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 cover of Asako smiling.
The Summer Hikaru Died 3 cover. Courtesy of Yen Press.

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 takes a step in character development with Asako and her abilities. Asako’s grandmother cautions her against engaging with the entities she sees. But she also highlights that there are good and evil, emphasizing ignoring them regardless of where they fall. Asako stuck with that, paying no mind to the paranormal. Yet she made sure to caution her friends when they were in danger. But that’s about to change. 

So, Asako’s supernatural skill brings Hikaru and Yoshiki’s dilemma to a head. If not for Yoshiki’s timely arrival, Hikaru would have killed Asako. Whatever inhabits Hikaru does not understand life’s value. As such, Hikaru threatens everyone around him, including Yoshiki. With the mixture of horror elements, including death, The Summer Hikaru Died 3 has the potential to be a coming-of-age story for the kids and the monster inside Hikaru. Or, it could wind up a murder-fest. Either way, it keeps readers on the edge of their seats. 

The Summer Hikaru Died 3 fully opens the world to encompass the town while maintaining the central focus on this collective of friends with Hikaru and Yoshiki at its heart. The horror and philosophical combination of life and death pave the way for discussions of characters as a more extensive world debate. Yoshiki’s choice to keep quiet about Hikaru’s identity could create a positive change or destroy this town. The Summer Hikaru Died 3 tethers discussions around existence with a story of friendship, love, and life. 

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