Love of Kill Volume 02 Review

Give me a man that can dial up the humor to eleven, as well as the icy exterior when required. Love of Kill Volume 02 delivers an assassin that makes me think of Tamaki-senpai in Ouran High School Host Club. Tamaki has cute puppy qualities but turns ferocious when someone threatens a loved one. That’s what I get from Ryang-Ha in Love of KillLove of Kill Volume 2 is by Fe with lettering by Chiho Christie and translation by Eleanor Ruth Summer. Love of Kill Volume 2 builds the story and camaraderie between our two assassins; weaving a mystery with comedic moments in perfect pacing. 

The second volume picks up where the first left off. Ryang-Ha rescues Chateau, and she awakens in a bed. The pacing, despite little action, is excellent. Learning about Chateau and Ryang-Ha, and their interactions are why Love of Kill Volume 2 is a page-turner. We are getting backstory on our leads, which is crucial to understanding their present behavior and motivation. Especially since the tattoo-faced killer, Hou, tells Chateau that Ryang-Ha is to blame, we need context. There is a connection between Ryang-Ha, Chateau, and the tattooed killer. 

Give Me Mystery or Give Me D—!

Love of Kill Volume 2 cover of Chateau and Ryang-Ha's back to each other
Love of Kill Volume 2 from Yen Press

Although there’s no romance between Chateau and Ryang-Ha yet, there is an awareness of each other. The mystery takes precedence over romantic elements, which is fine by me. Ryang-Ha baits Chateau at every opportunity, while she looks annoyed and exhausted dealing with him. Here again, their dynamic brings to mind Tamaki and Haruhi, from OHSHC, so it’s all-around adorable, comical, but with a more dangerous edge. Hou resents Ryang-Ha in the past, and that dislike has only grown, so we know some ish went down. The question is whether Chateau is a target because Ryang-Ha appears to care for her. 

We get information about Chateau’s past as well in Love of Kill Volume 2, thanks to her boss visiting Mrs. Dankworth. There we learn that Chateau is as much a mystery as Ryang-Ha. More info may explain why Ryang-Ha saved Chateau’s life. We also don’t know why Chateau is sparing Ryang-Ha, but perhaps there’s something in her past that she can’t recall on a conscious level. There’s not enough information to declare anyone’s motivation, but it’s not love yet. Though, I’m excited to see if my hypothesis is correct as Love of Kill continues. 

Also, hilarious portions don’t feel out of place either because, of course, assassins can feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, annoyed— look at Chateau in the bathroom realizing all she has is a towel. Fe said they weren’t sure if they would get to make a second volume. I’m ecstatic they did. Plus, I’m thrilled there’s an anime based on the manga coming out in 2022. 

Well-Paced—Couldn’t Put It Down

Love of Kill Volume 2 has two killer leads with great pacing wrapped in a mystery. I’m excited for where the story goes from here, but I’m in no rush for these two to get together. The manga was a quick read because I had to turn each page. The journey of watching their relationship develop is fascinating. It’s like if Mr. and Mrs. Smith met and knew they were killers before getting married. So there’s ample room for drama, action, and laughs from mundane tasks. Bring on the next volume!

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