Love Of Kill Volume 08 Has Comedy, Violence and Bromance [Manga]

Love Of Kill Volume 08 cover art of Ryang-Ha holding a gun with Nikka holding guns in the background

Love Of Kill Volume 08, from Yen Press, begins at the end of one mystery regarding Ryang-Ha Song and Chateau Noble’s history. But the past is far from complete. Created by Fe, with translation by Eleanor Ruth Summers and lettering by Chiho Christie, this volume has another mystery, unlikely pairings, and some comedic relief. For fans of the action, not to worry; Love Of Kill Volume 08 does not skimp on the bloodshed while still giving readers a story—and pair—to cheer on. 

Donny Is Still A Wild Card

While Ryang-Ha and Chateau remain in hiding, Donny Bachmann is visiting Mr. Noble, grandfather to Chateau, though Chateau does not know him. It is unclear whether Mr. Noble even realizes his granddaughter is alive. Be that as it may, the brief time readers see him does not endear him. He scolds Donny for taking in kids, referring to them as “things.” Whether Donny cares for his deadly charges is still unclear; many series have characters who appear loving only to be uncaring, exploitative monsters. More flashbacks clue readers into Donny’s connection to Liszt Noble, though the mystery continues to unfold like puzzle pieces; the bigger picture remains elusive. 

Love Of Kill Gives No Name Without A Reason

In the story, Chateau leaves a message for Indian guy, the techy member of Chateau’s group who is from India. In the anime adaptation, his name is Jim, but he does not have a name in the manga. But given the importance and history of Ryang-Ha’s name, I hope future volumes disclose the purpose behind Indian guy having no name. Otherwise, this is offensive, as though his character is so inconsequential he does not deserve a name. 

Violence, But Still Moments Of Comedy & Shipping

There is not as much comedy between Ryang-Ha and Chateau, but there are still moments. Ryang-Ha is the only person who makes Chateau uncomfortable, shy, or angry to that degree. The way they incorporate humor is unique. Chateau gets a message to Indian guy via an online game with a chibi version of herself. The violence does ratchet up soon after Chateau and Ryang-Ha meet up with him and “Mad Dog” Nikka, one of Donny’s henchmen. Nikka betrayed Donny, and as such, is now in danger like the rest. It is unclear what his end game is beyond having fun, but Nikka spices up Love Of Kill Volume 08.

Love Of Kill Volume 08 cover art of Ryang-Ha holding a gun with Nikka holding guns in the background
Love Of Kill Volume 08 cover

Once the violence begins, it is obvious Nikka and Ryang-Ha are a deadly duo. The body count adds up as more and more of Donny’s men seek to kill all of them, with the exception of Chateau. But it feels like Indian guy and Nikka have bromance potential. It is hilarious when Nikka, a murderer, has the nerve to caution Indian guy about his friend circle. The Special File at the end of the volume will also leave you in stitches. Ryang-Ha cannot leave Chateau alone, even in chibi game form. You can sympathize with Chateau’s frustration.

Love Of Kill Continues To Be Worth Reading

The pacing is a bit haphazard—moved in stops and starts—but Love Of Kill Volume 08 keeps you reading because of the mystery and relationships at its core. You know the situation is about to get wild at the end of the volume. Both lovebirds, now injured and separated, will have to find a way back to each other. Yes, I speak like they are a couple, but they are too adorable, even amidst the mayhem. Hopefully, a season 2 of the anime happens, but even so, Love Of Kill manga has a great mystery and even better core characters. A compelling enemy-to-lovers manga. 

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