Mieruko-chan Volume 7 Is Hilarious With It’s Do You See What I See

Mieruko-chan Volume 7 cover of Miko looking scared as Michiru holds her from behind.

Mieruko-Chan Volume 7 is funny and scary; you picture yourself in the same situation, wondering how you’d handle the sheer terror. After the battle at the shrine, Miko returns to regular life. Which still entails seeing terrifying grotesque entities. However, her school life becomes even more untenable when the being she sees is not “for her eyes only.” Mieruko-chan Volume 7 ratchets up the laughs and scares as the newcomer brings added drama. 

Created by Tomoki Izumi with translation by Leighann Harvey and lettering by Alexis Eckerman, Miko has it rough, with neverending scares. This Yen Press manga volume has four chapters, a bonus manga, and illustrations. Miko, Mitsue, and Rom defeat the horrifying creature at the shrine, thanks to Miko. She enters the shrine and grabs the veil-covered skull, destroying the evil. Despite feeling alone and frightened, it’s fortunate that Miko’s found others with similar experiences. The manga captures a touching moment where Mitsue comforts Miko. She praises her for working with them and understands that, despite Miko’s ability, she is a teenager. 

Mieruko-chan Volume 7 Reminds Me Fatal Frame Series

Fatal Frame and Fatal Frame 2: Crimson Butterfly popped into my head. Many cultures, especially before science explained more of nature’s occurrences, viewed nature’s rage as preventable. So, they sacrificed people, usually young girls, because patriarchy works that way. However, in stories and games, that creates a vengeful spirit. Since I love those games, making that connection is a massive plus in the series. Though Mieruko-chan still delights without it. 

A Stranger Shake Things Up

Mieruko-chan Volume 7 cover of Miko looking scared as Michiru holds her from behind.
Mieruko-chan Volume 7 cover

Now that all that hell ended, Miko thinks she can return to her regularly scheduled program. Although on their bus ride, Miko sees something inhuman come out of the mountains. She arrives at school happy with the patched-up rabbit lambun on her bag. Miko chats with her friend, Hana, until a black octopus with feet walks down the hall. Mieruko-chan Volume 7 lets you experience Miko’s terror alongside her when she bumps it. Because instead of going through it, Miko falls to the ground. 

The octopus’ physical presence is alarming enough. But the situation is frightening and hilarious when Hana declares Miko owes the black octopus an apology. It’s one of those are-we-seeing-the-same-thing moments. Imagine seeing something monstrous, yet no one else sees it. They see a regular person or, in octopus, aka Michiru Ichijou’s case, a stunningly gorgeous model. It’s like John Carpenter’s They Live

Hilarious Because You’re Not in the Situation

The art class. Miko’s actions already attract Michiru’s attention. But now she and the rest of the art students have to draw Michiru. Your mind screams, “Uh-oh,” as you wonder how she will escape this. All Miko sees is an octopus with tentacles. It’s like bad luck in overdrive. Michiru’s goal at school is unclear. Still, Mieruko-chan Volume 7 sets up just the right amount of laughs, terror, and obscurity. You do not know if Miko misunderstands Michiru or if she is a legitimate danger. 

Mieruko-chan Volume 7 is horror and fantasy that grounds itself in human emotions. Misreading a person’s feelings or facial expressions is common, especially since many people see what they want rather than what’s there. In Mieruko-chan Volume 7, that leads to more comedy and jaw-dropping “oh my god” moments, leaving you excited to see where the story goes. 

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