Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4: Love The Hilarity But Need More Depth

Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 cover of brothers Souma and Shouta taking a photo.

The goofy, clumsy group is back with the firm addition of one new member. Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 by Kokone Nata, translated by Amanda Haley with lettering by Lys Blakeslee, continues the slice-of-life hilarity in summer as the group gets into fun in the sun. The Yen Press manga continues its stunning colored illustrations, and we learn more about the members’ dreams, fears, and passions. For fun, relaxing manga, or lessons on maintaining your cool in embarrassing moments, Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 continues delivering and delves a bit deeper into the characters.  

Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 Now Has The Whole Gang Hanging Out

With Igarashi now in Tokyo, the handsome, cool guys hang out more outside the cafe. This volume also opens up their lives and interests as they pursue passions, dreams, and inspiration. The six chapters, including two exclusive chapters, continue the bright taffy-colored illustrations, opening with Souma. Souma’s reading about design in the library before meeting up with some of the others for a movie. This issue incorporates their dreams along with their blunders. Exploring their passions and fears is essential. The characters need to be entertaining beyond one-dimensional superficiality.

It’s Not What You Think

Their mistakes and forgetfulness make for some hilarious moments. Like when a couple of girls gawk at them as they share drinks in the theater. The girls are in awe at how close they must be to share their drinks. But they sample the sodas because they forgot which beverage is which. Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 gradually shows more about each character.

So we learn about Takayuki’s fears, Souma’s passion, and Shiki’s memory of Souma when they were kids. Souma is trying to pursue his design passion and makes a hilarious mistake. That made me feel seen because I did something similar and tortured myself over it. These little details about each one makes the story far more interesting than cute guys being clumsy or forgetful.

Need More Beyond Cute Guys Who Look Cool When They Make A Mistake

Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 cover of brothers Souma and Shouta taking a photo.
Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 cover

This series is a bromance where you ship pairs. Watching Mima get jealous when Igarashi brags about becoming friends with Mima’s friends, plus Mima’s fear, allows you to connect beyond the fact that they are handsome, clumsy, and absentminded. The series needs to delve deeper because the inept, cute tales get tiresome without profound depth. Though they are always hilarious, like Hayate telling Shun, he could not find his phone while calling on said phone. This volume gave us a bit more about Souma and Mima, so hopefully, later volumes explore Shun and Hayate’s life. The most we know about Hayate is he is a massive fan of Igarashi. 

Play It Cool, Guys Volume 4 maintains the lighthearted, laidback fun of previous volumes but allows readers to get to know the characters. If future books explore more of their day-to-day life, complete with their comical—often clueless—mistakes, these guys will be far more memorable. Though “headphone Shun” and “laughing Souma,” along with the rest, are not easily forgettable, there needs to be more beyond their clumsy mistakes. Expanding their individual stories will make each character distinct and Play It Cool, Guys both entertaining and unforgettable.  

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