Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 by Bokuto Uno, illustrated by Ruria Miyuki and translation by Andrew Cunningham, has the now second-year crew navigating an election, classes, and the mystery of another faculty death. At least a mystery for some. This is one of my favorite light novels from Yen Press. There is revenge, friendship, love, and espionage, so Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 continues the page-turning entertainment previous volumes delivered. 

In Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 The Dead Talk

The volume begins with Chela, Guy, Katie, Pete, and Oliver awaiting their teacher Enrico Forghieri’s arrival for magical engineering class. As the teacher enters, there are two who are not who they appear to be. The teacher is dead, and they see a golem fashioned by Enrico Forghieri to activate if he is gone for a set time. Another questionable person is Oliver, someone else wearing Oliver’s appearance. Oliver is currently in his cousin’s secret atelier in the first layer of the labyrinth, fighting for his life as his cousins employ what magical assistance they can. 

Oliver Is Not The Only One Plotting

Of course, Oliver is the main protagonist, so he survives, but after everything, including eliminating a second teacher, his body feels foreign. So foreign, he is incapable of doing magic from spellwork to sparring. A lot happens in this volume, so Enrico Forghieri’s murder takes a backseat. However, that does not mean there is no investigation. Meanwhile, an investigation is underway, plots implemented, and rumors spread that faculty are killing each other. Esmeralda, the headmistress of Kimberly Magic Academy, even calls Oliver and Pete in for questioning. 

Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 is compelling because you wonder what happens to this group of friends when they discover the truth about Oliver. But that is not the only fascinating part of the story. Kimberly Magic Academy has plenty of mysteries without Oliver’s vendetta. And in a school of some of the best, suspicion is your default setting. Combine this with an upcoming election and broomsport competitions; everyone needs to look over their shoulder, especially if they stand out. 

Imaginary Sports Were Never This Entertaining

Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 cover art with Oliver holding his hand out, Nanao holding a sword and Yuri Leik smiling
Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 cover

Bokuto Uno’s magic academy stands out even compared to other magic school stories. There is the core crew you cheer for and pray survives this school. But there are also side characters like Nanao’s fellow broomsport player, Diana Ashbury, the focus of a large part of this volume. Ashbury’s goal is to beat the fastest time on record. Her family bred her for this, taking steps to make her body perfect for broomsport racing. Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 invests you in her story and success. 

Though most of the core crew takes a backseat in this volume, the story does not drag. The investigation is ongoing; Oliver, his cousins, and the rest supporting his plan must be extra careful. The election leads to conflict for some of the group, and there is the overly friendly newcomer, Yuri Leik. So much happens; your mind spins by the end. And that twist ending ups the danger for Oliver. 

Still My Favorite

Oliver reminds me of Lelouch from Code Geass. The question comes down to what you are willing to sacrifice for vengeance or change. Eventually, Oliver will answer that. You feel torn when you finish Reign of the Seven Spellblades Volume 6 because you understand Oliver’s quest. But you know, if he follows through, it will do irreparable damage to this group. 

My only issue with the story is the cousin/sister Shannon Sherwood’s relationship with Oliver. Every time you turn around, there is an anime, manga, or light novel with a problematic relationship between cousins or siblings. If I knew a spell, I’d erase this from everyone’s mind, so they would never write it again. 

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