The Boxer Volume 4 Is Exciting With More Surprises to Come

The Boxer Volume 4 cover of half of Injae's face.

The Boxer Volume 4 drives home why this series is an outstanding read. There’s more here than boxing. It’s through boxing that a person’s character comes to light—when faced with a loss or a victory. Nor is it that alone. One of the best series that uses the sport to highlight characters past and present, The Boxer Volume 4 excites as Injae takes center stage in the story and the ring. 

Created by JH, translated by Webtoon, and lettered by Adnazeer Macalangcom, the volume opens with the continued match between Yu and Jean Pierre. The Yen Press comic has full-color illustrations across eight chapters filled with excitement, whether action or learning about the various boxers. There are points of narration that never detract from the story, instead amplifying the importance of crucial moments. 

The Boxer Volume 4 Humanizes Characters

One of the brightest aspects of the series is how it shows the light and dark within each character. They are not monsters. But each has different motivations for why they chose the boxing profession. This volume makes Jean’s driving force clear as he flashes to his childhood amidst Yu’s pummeling. Yu himself remains a mystery. No flashbacks come to clue readers in. But as many characters’ pasts only come to the foreground in their defeat, it’s not Yu’s time yet. 

Narration Weaves the Larger Picture

Although the story began with Yu as the focus, two characters were in the first volume. These two make a return. But the focus is on Injae, who stood up to his bully back then. He didn’t win the fight but didn’t back down either. He follows Yu’s career and now, after considerable training, enters the ring for his first match. Yu’s fierce talent just needed refinement from a coach. But Injae’s skill comes from his grit, ability to take a hit, and speed. 

The Boxer Volume 4 cover of half of Injae's face.
The Boxer Volume 4 cover. Yen Press.

The former bully and boxing hopeful Ryu also appears and shows his anger over Yu’s career. This series may come full circle to the trio who came together in the beginning, and it’s anyone’s guess how this will shake down. Like other series with characters with natural talent or those born of hard work, The Boxer Volume 4 makes Injae an underdog of Rocky proportions. 

Exciting Future for the Series and Characters

As The Boxer moves between these characters, there’s room for more backstory. Another man, a famed boxer, also appears. The narration and illustrations emphasize that Yu might be the antagonist rather than the protagonist. Adding in this man, Yu’s possible past connection and The Boxer Volume 4 sets up even more excitement for later volumes, not that it needs it. JH’s weaves action and character-building together with an adept eye

The Boxer Volume 4 is a crafty story examining different personalities and lives in boxing, building a feverish bout from previous volumes. It’s one of the best series depicting boxing and training while building up unforgettable characters. It’s easy to see why this series got the green light for an anime adaptation. With narration that teases future surprises, jabs, and hooks to reel in readers, The Boxer Volume 4 maintains a frenzied momentum, delivering a knockout punch. 

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