The Remarried Empress Volume 3 Is a High Society Soap

The Remarried Empress Volume 3 cover of Navier with Sovieshu beside her with a hand on her back and across from her Heinrey kneels holding her hand and Grand Duke Kaufman stands next to him.

The Remarried Empress Volume 3 continues with the soap opera drama in high society, particularly with Empress Navier, Emperor Sovieshu, and his mistress Rashta. There are some laughs, but it’s more like an adult version of Gossip Girl. Schemes, jealousy, it’s like a soap opera. It’s engaging because it’s a world unfamiliar yet compelling. With the addition of magic, The Remarried Empress Volume 3 remains steady in its buildup between that trio and with a reverse harem aspect to boot.

Adapted by HereLee with an original story by Alphatart and art by Sumpul begins with Ergi Claude offering Rashta money with a catch. Translated by Webtoon and lettered by Chiho Christie, the Yen Press manhwa makes it hard to sympathize with many characters. You have to remind yourself of the classism and gender-based discrimination in society. However, at the top of the scum list sits Emperor Sovieshu for apparent reasons. 

The Remarried Empress Volume 3 Makes You Pray Navier Remarries Asap

Seeing how Navier feels is challenging because even her inner dialogue is reserved. She’s not screaming and raging inwardly or outwardly. Her husband, Sovieshu, got his mistress, Rashta, pregnant. This volume’s gaslighting and attempts at emotional manipulation are off the charts, especially at Sovieshu’s hand. He tells Navier that he may someday make her the mother, meaning he will take the baby from Rashta. So, it would be nice for him if she would stop resenting his affair. Mind you; he is still having an affair because, in his mind, that’s the way it is. 

Women Get the Short End

Most women in The Remarried Empress Volume 3 deserve sympathy, even if their behavior is not exemplary. At first glance, Rashta seems conniving and manipulative, and she is all of that. But she’s also a victim of a society that views her as property. Only her relationship with Sovieshu, as his mistress, elevates her status. She thought she lost a child and moved on, only to have that child used as a tool to get money from her at the hands of Viscount Lotteshu, her former master. Sadly, women target other women instead of men when playing the survival game. Now that she’s pregnant, it’s crucial she secure a promising future for her child. 

The Remarried Empress Volume 3 cover of Navier with Sovieshu beside her with a hand on her back and across from her Heinrey kneels holding her hand and Grand Duke Kaufman stands next to him.
The Remarried Empress Volume 3 cover

Navier is also a victim of Sovieshu, though, compared to Rashta, she has more power. His petty jealousy makes you scream at the volume. His hypocrisy in demanding she thinks about appearances if she takes a lover while flaunting his continued infidelity made me want to throttle him. While Navier does not go out of her way to target Rashta, she does treat her coldly. That is understandable, but Sovieshu deserves her ire far more. Hopefully, the women will join forces and wreck that man’s existence. 

A Reverse-Harem Emerges

In The Remarried Empress Volume 3, Navier has one person battling to get her attention. The man who transforms into the bird she adores, Queen, Heinrey, adores her. But now competition for her affection is heating up. It also creates a comedic situation because Grand Duke Kaufman gifted a love potion to Navier. When he drinks it to prove it works, there is a hilarious moment between him and Sovieshu. The relationship dynamics keep you interested because you want to see if Navier will get a better match and whether Rashta will escape the clutches of Sovieshu too. 

The Remarried Empress Volume 3 feels like a soap opera with much scheming and manipulation. I love it, but it’s not for fans of action as it’s mostly intrigue around high society. Heinrey cherishes Navier and seems a perfect match for Navier. I’m curious if she will take a lover, stay or leave. Still trying to figure out what the rules are in this world for marriage, especially with the pair ruling the kingdom. The series humanizes each of them to varying degrees. So if soap operas or reality series are your idea of fun, The Remarried Empress Volume 3 showcases a lot of entertainment. 

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