Bloody Sweet 2 Is Devastating and Beautiful

Bloody Sweet 2 image of Fetechou's hand wiping a tear off Naerim.

As Fetechou comforts her, Bloody Sweet 2 shows more of Fetechou’s pre-vampire life. And readers see the kindred spirit of their painful experiences.

Bloody Sweet 2 deals with heavy themes like bullying and suicide alongside the rom-com aspects. It’s disconcerting how real it feels. After all, this is a world with vampires. Yet there’s a believability that eclipses the fantasy elements, creating a story that makes readers smile, laugh, and fight back tears. Bloody Sweet 2 builds upon the comedic and dramatic aspects of the first volume while fostering a connection between Naerim and Fetechou that moves beyond her blood. 

Created by NaRae Lee, translated by HKPP, and lettered by Abigail Blackman, the second volume covers five chapters and includes a special episode. The Yen Press comic picks up right where it left off, with Naerim’s bullies shoving her down the stairs. Fortunately, Mr. Lee rounds the corner and dives under Naerim. So, he sustains more damage than her. Unfortunately, Jina is with Mr. Lee, so the situation worsens at school for Naerim. Bloody Sweet 2 might be difficult for some because of its subject. But it looks at the tunnel vision, the feeling of helplessness victims of bullying experience, and the failure of adults.

Bloody Sweet 2 Fills Readers With Sympathy and Anger

The series is excellent. Dynamic characters grow as they learn more about themselves and each other. However, seeing the bullying is hard to bear. After hearing Fetechou’s speech about facing her bullies, Naerim attempts to stand up to her tormentors. But then bullying turns violent. Bloody Sweet 2 gives a realistic depiction of this and the fight to change. Because resolution often doesn’t occur with one instance of change. Life does not play out like that. There’s resolve, doubt, and backsliding, and resolve again. Fetechou shatters the bedroom window to reach her as she wavers on the school’s roof. 

Bloody Sweet 2 image of Fetechou's hand wiping a tear off Naerim.
Bloody Sweet 2 cover. Yen Press.

As Fetechou comforts her, Bloody Sweet 2 shows more of Fetechou’s pre-vampire life. And readers see the kindred spirit of their painful experiences. Because he had red eyes, kids in his town bullied him. After his father’s passing, his and his mother’s treatment worsens to the point where the townsfolk burn his mother as a witch. The only reason he does not die is a vampire passing through asks to buy him. So, Fetechou feels Naerim’s pain. The story seems to set them up as a couple, and one reader may root for given how much they care about each other. 

Realistic Portrayal of Aspects of School Bullying

Often, in these stories, parents appear nonexistent. However, in Bloody Sweet 2, Naerim’s mom plays a pivotal part in Naerim’s change. Its look at bullying and the emotional trauma it fosters is frightening in its realism. However, its aspect of handling the bullying is pat. Still, it’s fortunate for Naerim that the school chooses to handle the situation. Meanwhile, the mastermind—the wealthy and manipulative Jina Song—escapes to the United States. 

Another welcomed part that stands out as a lesson or a mirror to others is how bullying does not only occur in youth. After Naerim reports what she’s going through to the counselor and Jina gets ousted as the orchestrator, the counselor eventually resigns. His resignation partly stems from guilt at not realizing Jina was part of the bullying. The other half is the school’s faculty, who have ostracized him since the incident. Bloody Sweet 2 covers the ramifications of bullying and also demonstrates how it is not age-specific. It also occurs in the workplace, but here, it often falls under “harassment.” 

Danger and a Secret Loom

Bloody Sweet 2 leans into drama and sadness yet maintains the sweetness its title suggests. With an ending that shows Fetechou’s past returning to haunt him and perhaps endanger Naerim, readers care for this pair. There’s more to come. Naerim’s abilities remain an enigma. But there’s time to explore them in tandem with whatever secret Fetechou’s keeping. Thanks to loveable characters, drama, and tense settings, Bloody Sweet 2 is a delightful yet heartbreaking read. 

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