The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 Is Star-Crossed Love and Frights

The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 cover of Yoshiki facing away but looking back.

The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 adds more creepy to downright scary moments as Yoshiki deals with Hikaru’s death and the being inside Hikaru. It’s like a gay love and horror story, except one person is not a person. This volume adds some frightening moments, but the vital aspect is learning more about Hikaru and Yoshiki’s friendship before Hikaru’s death and their relationship now. With horror and a coming-of-age tale about grief and love, The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 surpasses the first volume. 

Created by Mokumokuren, translated by Ajani Oloye, and lettered by Abigail Blackman, the volume picks up where the last left off. In the Yen Press manga, Hikaru snaps after Yoshiki declares he hates and wants nothing to do with him. As navigating grief and loss isn’t a linear process, Yoshiki struggles to accept his loss. Though unstated, the implication is Yoshiki loves Hikaru and perhaps vice versa. 

The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 Answers a Vital Question

Yoshiki discovered in short order that Hikaru was not really Hikaru. It seems Hikaru’s behavior initially clued Yoshiki in, but it was something else. That makes Yoshiki’s pain over the loss even more understandable. The genuine portrayal of grief will connect with readers. One moment, it’s fine, then a memory surfaces, and the pain rises anew. As an adolescent, the struggle to process grief increases. 

It also tackles why the new Hikaru fixates on Yoshiki. Whether they were in love or just friends who loved each other, Hikaru did not want to abandon Yoshiki. So, the new Hikaru might unknowingly be attempting to honor Hikaru’s dying wish. He cares for Yoshiki and wants to simply be by his side. Their relationship is sweet one moment and painful the next, given everything. 

Danger Looms in the Background

The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 cover of Yoshiki facing away but looking back.
The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 cover. Yen Press.

Scary moments pop up, but the overarching threat to the people remains unknown. However, whatever Hikaru is seems dangerous, too. When he’s emotional, the danger increases. With other things leaving the forest to haunt folks, it’s unclear if the new Hikaru kept it all at bay. His ability is similar to Geto’s in Jujutsu Kaisen as he absorbs these beings. The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 keeps it tense through most chapters, with minimal drag.

Unclear Trajectory

With some series, readers can map out a course of where the story heads. That is not the case with this one. The horror and romantic elements push and pull for supremacy. So, The Summer Hikaru Died could wind up as an epic tale of love or be a cautionary tale that induces nightmares. Secrets continue as a committee discusses what to do, clarifying that some townsfolks are not as clueless as others. This opens up the potential for interference that leads to more harm.

The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 is scary, creepy, and tragic with loving elements. While not spellbinding, the questions of what’s to come keep readers entrenched in the story. In addition, one cannot help but sympathize with Yoshiki’s pain and hope for something beautiful to come out of his loss. Although the series implies Yoshiki and Hikaru are gay, it’s preferable if future volumes do not beat around this bush for a prolonged time but dive right in. The Summer Hikaru Died Volume 2 crafts an achy story with yaoi and frights for the readers to enjoy. 

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