Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 Creeps Into the Heart

Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 cover of Bocchi on a stage holding a guitar.

Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 drags initially with humor that doesn’t land. However, as the band members come together, their personalities begin shining. As such, the comedy soon blooms. Bocchi’s, whose name is Hitori Gotoh, extreme introverted reactions land many laughs. Combined with the music aspect, Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 is a fun slice-of-life story introducing a quartet of characters to get to know. 

Created by Aki Hamazi, translated by John Neal, and lettered by Chiho Christie, it begins with Hitori Gotoh asserting her determination to join a band. The Yen Press manga shows that Bocchi embraced learning the guitar in middle school to break out of her shell. Though she wanted to join a band, there was no option then. Now, in high school, she still struggles even to talk or make eye contact with classmates. 

Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 Is Sawako or Sunako Meets Rock Music

Bocchi’s sweet but also quirky and downright creepy. Hence, many of her responses bring Sawako from Kimi Ni Todoke to mind. While she thinks she’s showing joy or coolness, it’s terrifying for those around her. But her horror and melting at bright people are like Sunako from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge. However, Bocchi’s not plotting to murder ikemen. The mix of those two types fits with the rock story. It’s even moreso since Bocchi is more goth emo in her rock joy than the others. 

Hilarious Lesson About Broadening Horizons

Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 cover of Bocchi on a stage holding a guitar.
Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 cover. Yen Press.

Despite the social media having almost but not quite the same names, the rest of the aspects are realisitc. The first volume shows that not everyone on social media is an outgoing extrovert. Bocchi rocks the guitar online under Guitar Hero and has a following. But she is so offline that even a fan of hers does not recognize her, even when she plays. That’s partly due to her nerves, but it’s also different playing solo and performing with a band. Bocchi Volume 1 shows her growth through learning to communicate and work with her bandmates. But the creepiness she exudes also comes out at the funniest times. 

Underdogs Unite

Anyone in entertainment understands the odds of success are slim. So, there’s a sympathy for the Kessoku band. Each character is likable, although a little typical in anime and manga. Still, as it’s the first volume, the series may give each character more distinct traits and backstory as it continues. Bocchi’s already a whirlpool, drawing people to her whether she realizes it or not. Her personality keeps Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 hilarious and quirky. 

Industry details offer an engaging layer for readers as they struggle to sell tickets and reconcile themselves to not making a profit. Plus, the discussion about writing for audiences or oneself is a question many creatives must ask themselves. The series has a youthfulness, combined with industry peek-throughs that build engagement.

Once Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 finds its rhythm, the story’s pace does not falter. It’s funny and entertaining, building upon Bocchi’s growth as she makes friends for the first time. Stories that showcase pursuing dreams are always inspiring, and Bocchi the Rock Volume 1 has that in spades. 

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