The Villainess Stans the Heroes Volume 1 Is Interesting With Some Laughs

The Villainess Stans the Heroes Volume 1 cover of Eldia smirking with Al in the background.

The Villainess Stans the Heroes: Playing the Antagonist to Support Her Faves! Volume 1 has fascinating potential. Of the otome game manga, this series takes a unique approach to a character dying, then waking up reborn as the villain in a game. However, she embraces her role. While the constant references Eldia Euclair makes to characters as “faves” feels flat and one-dimensional, The Villainess Stans the Heroes Volume 1 brings a gung-ho approach to villainy. 

The Villainess Stans the Heroes Volume 1’s original story is by Yamori Mitikusa with art by Tsubasa Takamatsu, character design by Kaoru Harugano with translation by Leighann Harvey, and lettering by Rochelle Gancio. The Yen Press manga begins Eldia at the end of the main otome game story and is ready to relinquish her label as the “vile princess.” While other series I’ve read have the character reborn as a baby into the game world, she arrived when the character was seven. 

The Villainess Stans The Heroes Volume 1: Eldia Is Proud To Be Bad in a Predetermined World

The Villainess Stans the Heroes Volume 1 cover of Eldia smirking with Al in the background.
The Villainess Stans the Heroes Volume 1 cover

Eldia mentions her faves constantly, and her internal age from her previous life is a bit cringy. But her commitment to the role of villain is all to inspire the heroes in this world to achieve greater heights. Though Eldia embraces her status, her resolute plan to be evil is not all-encompassing. She does what she can to ensure the heroes arrive to save the day. Her villainess status comes complete with a perfect, condescending sneer that mocks anyone who challenges her. It’s a hilarious counter to her internal blushing and shielding her eyes from the dazzling, heroic characters around her. Eldia’s attention to detail shows her obsession with the mobile game in her previous life. 

There’s a fascinating aspect to this world that feels off, even to the heroes. As Eldia knows what’s supposed to happen, she orchestrates her plans for the heroes to save lives. However, some events with a drastic loss of life unfold, even when Eldia does not set off the chain of events. It suggests an underlying control and set plan might occur regardless of outside factors. Hopefully, The Villainess Stans the Heroes delves into this aspect in later volumes. If she’s not the big bad, then who or what is?

Possible Coupling With Her Number One Fave

While the glimpses of the heroes Eldia adores are brief, there is someone by her side, Al. Al’s pretty much Blade, part human, part vampire, Dhampir, to be specific. Their relationship is interesting because Al discovered her secret. He also knows that he’s her number one. There’s plenty of lighthearted fun between the pair as Al’s reactions to her drooling, gushing behavior and motivations make you cackle.

The Villainess Stans the Hero Volume 1 brings plenty of entertainment and setup for future volumes. While it’s a feel-good entertaining read, later books must focus on expanding Eldia’s character and those around her. She, and the others, are more than their labels. If they achieve reeling in readers with fascinating twists, an otome game world, and rounded characters, The Villainess Stans the Hero will deliver laughs and stans of their own.  

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