The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 Moves In An Unforeseen Yet Fascinating Direction

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 cover of Allen holding his sword with Lia and Rose behind him.

Allen’s looking more like Ichigo from Bleach or Yuji from Jujutsu Kaisen. In I Kept Pressing The 100-Million-Year Button And Came Out On Top Volume 2, the story of the unbeatable reject swordsman continues. Like other series, there are hints of romance, ecchi, and enough laughs and fights to maintain interest. The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 has action, and teenage crushes, opening up that Allen is not just skilled from millions of years of training. 

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 is from Yutaro Shido, with an original story by Syuichi Tsukishima and character design by Mokyu. Serialized in English from Yen Press with translation by Daniel Luke Hutton and lettering by Arbash Mughal, this volume contains six chapters. It begins after Allen defeats Lia, and so begins their master/slave dynamic since Lia lost. Lia’s teen mindset is common and irksome. No one’s personality is distinct yet. But the story of swordcraft, the training, and the fighting styles are enough to make the series engrossing. 

In The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2, The Chairwoman Is Chaotic

Chairwoman Reia is absurdly troublesome. From lying to get Allen into conflicts with classmates to making fun of him, he bears the brunt of her antics. Yet, she exudes an underlying power that strikes fear in people. Her character is like other teachers from popular series that teach lessons but can easily land their charges in hot water. She’s also funny, with an infantile temperament befitting a classmate rather than a chairwoman running the school. 

Possible Love Triangle

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 cover of Allen holding his sword with Lia and Rose behind him.
The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 cover

Some tension could be brewing between Allen, Lia, and Rose, particularly on Lia’s part. Her face every time she tries to spend time with Allen alone, and Rose pops up makes it apparent she is displeased. Allen is clueless about all the tension, or moreso; he cannot fathom the reasoning. Rose is still obscure, except she seems more tired, quiet, and less excitable than Lia. The trio together is funny, and the stakes ramp up quickly in The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2

A Spirit Core That Loves to Destroy

Similar to other loved series, an evilly violent person lurks within Allen. Currently, he’s nameless, but he’s akin to Kenpachi from Bleach with his joy for fighting. However, this guy will fight anyone. Unlike Kenpachi, who doesn’t like fighting weak opponents. He also despises how weak Allen still is despite all of Allen’s training. The only person who seems to know something is the chairwoman, and she’s not telling. 

Despite the characters bearing strong resemblances to other series, The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 has enough drama, comedy, and action with pacing that doesn’t drag. As the characters come further into their own through interactions and training, they can become distinct from other mangas. Plus, I’m a fan of weapons, swords included, though I love a bow and arrow. The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 2 starts unfolding secrets quickly, making it no longer just about a reject swordsman who improves through rigorous training. I cannot wait to see how the series progresses and learn the name of this gleeful fighter. 

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