Bofuri Volume 7 Is Gaming Fun With Strange Maple Solutions

Bofuri Volume 7 cover of Kanade holding a glowing cube with Chrome relaxing behind him with his sword on his shoulder.

Adding virtual reality to MMORPGs makes the game world more real. So it is easy to understand why Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, so I’ll Max Out My Defense shines. Rather than having the terror of Sword Art Online, this series focuses on the joys and challenges players face. Bofuri Volume 7 finds the tankiest tank, Maple, with her real-life best friend Sally, continuing New World Online’s (NWO) seventh event.

From Yen Press, written by Yuumikan with illustrations by Koin and translation by Andrew Cunningham, Bofuri Volume 7 focuses on Maple and Sally as they start on the third floor. Still, the volume takes time to look at other Maple Tree members and members of the Order of the Holy Sword and Flame Empire as they navigate the same event. Filled with entertaining fights, quirky game-breaking solutions, and the usual anonymous chats from Team Maple players, Bofuri Volume 7 continues the adorable, gaming slice-of-life. 

Bofuri Volume 7 Has Team Maple And Sally Go Off

This volume has nine chapters, a prologue, and an epilogue. Bofuri Volume 7 starts with a brief synopsis of events leading up to Maple and Sally tackling the tower’s third floor. Each floor brings unique challenges. Maple, in particular, faces challenges despite her lethal abilities. After all, they only work if the monster or boss feels the effects; if they are immune, the battle’s dynamics shift. Thank goodness she has Sally, who can do physical attacks, with her. Combined with her agility, Sally is lethal and hard to hit. Regardless, there are still moments when Maple bulldozes through. In fact, they can skip entire sections thanks to Maple and Sally’s abilities.

Bofuri Volume 7 cover of Kanade holding a glowing cube with Chrome relaxing behind him with his sword on his shoulder.
Bofuri Volume 7 cover art

Now there are ten floors to clear for this event. Despite challenges in Bofuri Volume 7, Maple and Sally are stronger than many other players, given their uneven stats. As such, they chose the highest difficulty to clear the tower. Not only that, their goal is to make it through the tower’s levels without taking any damage. For anyone else in NWO, that is impossible. Point of fact, the other members of Team Maple—Chrome, Mai, Yui, Kanade, Iz, and Kasumi—grouped up to clear the tower, and they wiped on the tenth floor at first. Though different groups make better time than Maple and Sally, tackling the event as a duo is impressive. 

Maple’s Quirky Impact

Maple influences other players she comes into contact with to such a degree that even the other guilds, Order of the Holy Sword and Flame Empire, think about her amidst their tower battles. Even fellow guild members become players who think of solutions outside the box. That is part of what makes the light novels that hilarious. Maple’s ability to find unique solutions and the way her mental processes rub off on those around her create the comedy. When confronted with a challenge, everyone thinks about what they should do and what Maple would do. Plus, as Maple attains new abilities, who knows what can happen. 

Bofuri Volume 7 has a lot of world-building for the NWO game. The series is more entertaining, thanks to characters like Maple, Sally, and others. Maple Tree guild, especially Maple herself, are the type of players you want to play alongside. They have the determination to complete challenges but without all the rage. If they fail, they do not blame each other and devolve into bickering; they simply strategize and try again. In fact, Bofuri Volume 7 and the whole series teach you how to enjoy playing games without taking them so seriously that you become an anger-filled jerk. One of my favorite reads, thanks to the game—I want to play a VRMMORPG—and adorable, oddball characters. The world needs Maple. 

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