Missing Is A Slow Burn Thriller With A Surprising Twist [Fantastic Fest]

Missing, also called Sagasu, delivers a subdued thriller playing at Fantastic Fest, where even the violent moments are unnaturally quiet. Directed by Shinzô Katayama and written by Katayama, Kazuhisa Kotera, and Ryô Katada, Missing starts with a father, Harada (Jirô Satô), struggling with his daughter, Kaede (Aoi Itô), after the death of his wife. In debt, Harada pursues a serial killer for a reward, but Kaede searches for him when he disappears. Filled with unexpected turns, Missing expands its thriller with drama, moments of levity, and a philosophical current regarding life and death.

Marionette Review

The film is a fascinating exploration of reality, perception, and self-fulfilling prophecy. I love movies that deal with those weighty philosophical topics. Marionette has a fantastic story and plot, but the climax feels inconsistent and unclear with the film’s events.

SUNDANCE Review: ‘Wild Indian’ Is A Riveting Thriller About The Inescapability Of Our Past

Wild Indian, directed by Lynne Mitchell Corbine Jr., is a film that focuses on the impact of actions, and how it influences us throughout our lives. Inevitably, we are unable to hide from our decisions and the experiences that mold us. The film follows Makwa and Ted-o as children and then as adults confronting their actions in the past. The story and acting are strong and lean. Nothing drags, although certain parts feel unnecessary. However, the film explores cycles of abuse and trauma in this craftily-constructed thriller.