The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 Is Exciting With More Rivals and Humor

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 cover of Allen attacking, Shii smiling behind him and Rose holding her blade.

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4, or I Kept Pressing the 100-Million-Year Button and Came Out on Top: The Unbeatable Reject Swordsman Volume 4, veers more into ecchi this volume. Those brief moments feel more harmful to some characters rather than the story. But it adds a layer of laughs since these are kids. With club drama brewing and more rivalries, The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 broadens the opponents. It also brings lighter moments while elevating the danger. 

Created by Yutaro Shido with an original story by Syuichi Tsukishima and character design by Mokyu, the volume has Allen and Lia heading to school for another day of witchblade training. The Yen Press manga, translated by Daniel Luke Hutton and lettered by Arbash Mughal, cranks up to mayhem because it’s the start of club recruiting, and groups are out in force on campus. Within four chapters, The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 moves from school challenges to beach battles and assassination attempts, ensuring little boredom. 

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 Satirizes Club Recruitment

It’s understandable, as club funds often depend on the amount of members. So, many students will recall experiencing club bombardment as they jockey for one’s attention. Here, it’s overwhelming in a mental and physical sense. Various clubs, from judo to cheering, charge at Allen and Lia. Of course, by the time they reach class, fliers are plastered all over them. Though unclear how this level of force helps with headhunting new members, but no one can deny these members’ zeal. It’s like strangers who harass folks for signatures and donations. But instead of one demanding person, try a dozen all charging at you. 

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 cover of Allen attacking, Shii smiling behind him and Rose holding her blade.
The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 cover. Yen Press.

This light humor soon segues into actual stakes. After recruiting comes funding, but this school determines funding by clubs fighting, and the winning club gets the most. Still, though there’s action and readers glimpse Allen’s soul attire about to bust free, it’s all in good fun. The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 keeps an essentially fun and exciting flow until the trio, Allen, Lia, and Rose, head to the beach with the three girls who head the student council, Shii, Tirith, and Lilum. 

Battles With a Side of Ecchi

The beach setting feels like it only exists for the ecchi moments with Allen surrounded by Lia and Rose with the addition of Shii, Tirith, and Lilum from the student council. Those moments do not detract from the series, but they also do not feel genuine. It makes each girl interchangeable. An assassination attempt out of the blue returns the action, but there’s little explanation for now. Hopefully, the series does not drag it out to keep readers returning and focuses on building the trio at the story’s center. 

The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 adds new characters and adventures. However, relationships need to expand beyond fights and ecchi moments. Most of the conversations do not add any enlightening character traits. Aside from Allen’s button journey, there are few details to discern between the characters. With so many battles and more on the horizon, The 100-Million-Year Button Volume 4 builds up danger and drama, even as it skirts character development. 

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